19 March, 2015

Boston - Merit Scholarship “PROF. RADU FLORESCU” for Andrei Arnăutu

Felicitări, Andrei Arnăutu!


The Prof. Radu Florescu  Scholarship Program began in 2012  and it is designed to sponsor  the  merit scholarships for EERC alumni who made themselves remarkable though their commitment to the organization, civic and local involvement,  academic excellence and  creativity.  

The program honors one of the EERC founders, Prof. Radu Florescu, who had the vision of creating a program for Romanian students to spend a learning summer in US. The Florescu Scholars continue that mission, bringing intellectual and community leadership to the EERC program where they forge interpersonal connections that unite people and ideas across continents.


Florescu  Scholars receive a scholarship to be used towards a summer study in US during their middle school /high school years. EERC may provide additional need-based financial aid in specific situations.

Application and Selection

Alumni may apply for the scholarship by invitation only from the EERC board. Prof. Radu Florescu Scholars are selected on the basis of academic achievement, intellectual promise and leadership and contribution outside the classroom.